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Innovative whiteboard, magnetic and projection surface solutions for creative workspaces

Transform your walls and workspaces – or any smooth surface – into writable areas of any size and colour. Declutter and modernize your rooms for improved productivity.

Innovative whiteboard, magnetic and projection surface solutions for creative workspaces

Create Safe and Engaging Workspaces

Turn walls, doors and tables and many more into creative and practical writable surfaces

The Surfaces Boosts Creativity

Completely transform classrooms, offices and meeting rooms into collaborative workspaces that promote collaboratioin and teamwork.

Achieve Effective Communication

Say goodbye to cluncky whiteboards or flip charts and regain room space with a solution that improves communication and maximize the sharing of ideas.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Solutions

The wallcoverings have been certified for the classification of reaction to fire and our paint products contain very low levels of volatile organic compounds.

1000+ Installations Across UK

At the forefront of the market, Smarter Surfaces gained a reputation for the ability to design and create trully innovative products

Anti-Microbial White Board Paint

Stay safe and support socially distant collaboration with the world’s first dry erase bacteria killer

Sterile Whiteboard Surfaces

Prevents bacteria spread and interrupts bacteria and fungi cell metabolism, inhibits cellular division and disrupts transport across cell walls.

Withstand Medical-Grade Cleaning

Chemically resistant and durable enough. It's suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories and sterile manufacturing environments.

10-Tear Product Guarantee

When installed by our team, our products have a 10 year performance guarantee, offering commercial grade performance, with no ghosting and no staining.

Responsible, Sustainable Development

Smarter Surfaces is committed to the protection and where possible the enhancement of the environment

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