We provide collaborative customizable writable, magnetic, and projectable surfaces for your office or classroom, completely branded to your business.

Rebel Walls transforms your workspace or your home into an interior artistic masterpiece

Unique wall coverings with a twist! Rebel Walls provide an eclectic and creative range of wallpapers and wall mural designs. Perfect for any home or business location.

Rebel Walls transforms your workspace or your home into an interior artistic masterpiece

Extraordinary Wall Murals

Choose from a range of popular and creative designs and claim your space with style

Eclectic and Creative

The options include concrete and brick effect, abstract patterns, vintage mosaics, 3D illusions, graffiti-inspired psychedelic colour themes and more.

Custom-Made Work

Do you have a design or idea you would like to make into a wallpaper? Share the idea with us and we'll gladly scan and edit your images on request.

High-Quality Production

Our wall murals are not limited to a particular number of colors or patterns. We print on demand, which means that we make the mural especially for you.

Magic Starts with a Good Idea

We see our studio as a greenhouse where we let both our and your wallpaper ideas grow and come alive

We Love Wallpaper Production

Being a rebel is not an end in itself but rather a must. When you wish for something that does not yet exist, you have to create it yourself

Panoramic views, exciting surfaces, spectacular perspectives, thoughtful words, blossoming romance and graphic lines. Panorama is a wide collection containing something for everyone. Only imagination sets the limits.
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The Curious Collection pays homage to the explorer, the distant land discoverer, the urban sprawl uncoverer. It takes the simple and the organic to reveal the effect of the passage of time.
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Colour is the first thing that catches the eye, drawing attention to the location where you want the energy or the serenity to reside. If the pattern can give motion to a room, the colour can give it a pulse. Capture a mood with the help of colour!
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There are probably as many hobbies as people on the planet. In order to inspire you to claim your (rightful) space, we would like to introduce to you 10 enthusiasts, all with their own hobby rooms.
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The Greenhouse collection is a tribute to the power and diversity of nature. It’s for the weeds that won’t stop grow, the dandelions that burst through asphalt and the thorny rose bush that refuses to be tamed.
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What shows on the surface is not the whole story, but maybe the part that makes you proud. In this collection book, we have carefully gathered surfaces from different parts of the world. Each is unique and has a story of its own.
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In the Storytime there are themes inspired by both classic and contemporary stories, laced into picture perfect designs. We believe there’s no age limit on imagination and this collection is here to help you weave magic into your room.
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