Schools in Northern Ireland

Our highly effective antibacterial technology supports socially distant collaboration and is registered for use by the EU Biocidal Products Directive

Smarter Concepts have been recently worked with a number of Schools in Northern Ireland and ROI to design supply and install or writable, magnetic antimicrobial walls and “squibble desks”.

As schools and educational establishments adjust to minimize the effects of Covid-19, an immediate and lasting solution was to incorporate antimicrobial paints that use broad-spectrum antimicrobial technology and are effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is also effective against MRSA, MSSA, Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and importantly Covid-19.

Our highly effective antibacterial technology is registered for use by the EU Biocidal Products Directive. In addition to our walls, a number of schools have benefited from our latest product — our “Squibble Top” school desk. This was created for the educational sector and designed to assist pupil creativity and collaboration in the classroom.

Our Squibble Top links in with the current national curriculum and is an excellent accompaniment to early years learning. The bespoke design, which incorporates school logos/branding etc, allows pupils to advance learning outcomes by writing directly onto the desk and can be adapted to function in any other learning environment or for any age group. The template design is specific to the school and/or the user age group. For pupils in pre-school/nursery classes, the key emphasis is on colour, shapes, name/ letter recognition, drawing, and creativity. In Primary classes – P1 to P3 – the curriculum emphasis moves to number and letter recognition, sentence construction, simple mathematics, handwriting, drawing, basic problem solving, and task completion.

Like our writable magnetic antimicrobial walls, our desk template designs allow for all these tasks to be completed by writing directly on the desktop.

Smarter Concepts recently ran a National Schools competition to design, supply, and install a writable, magnetic wall using our – world’s first antimicrobial smart paint. The winning school was Fair Hill Primary in Kinallen, Co. Down. They then ran a competition within the school for pupils to design the graphics for the new wall. The antimicrobial technology within the paints provides invaluable protection in the fight against covid-19. P7 pupil, Alex Sloan drew the winning entry and Beth Porter from Smarter Concepts created the graphics from his drawing – what a fantastic job!

Headteacher, Jim Brown said “We were so excited to win this amazing competition and be the first School in Northern Ireland to have this antimicrobial writable, magnetic wall installed. Alex’s drawing was superb and every pupil in the school will be able to use this bespoke wall. Thank you to Darren Toner and the Smarter Concepts Team for this fantastic gift and for Alex’s art box present”.

For further information on our full range of fantastic school and educational products contact our Team on 02895-380367.

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