About Us

Providing our clients with collaborative enhancing writable, magnetic & projectable surface products, along with a professionally guaranteed installation service.

Smarter Concepts, incorporating Smarter Surfaces, Squibbletop, and Rebel Walls provide custom solutions for your business, classroom, or personal spaces tailored to your budget. Smarter Surfaces provide bespoke designed writable, magnetic & projectable walls, boards, and surfaces to all sectors of business, education, and medical facilities. Squibbletop provides bespoke innovative interactive educational furniture, linked to the national curriculum.

These items can be designed for specific learning needs. Rebel walls provide extraordinary wall murals for both the residential and commercial markets that enhance the visual experience of any room. Our dedicated graphic design team works with you to create unique walls and surfaces that can incorporate your company logo’s, straplines, graphics, and branding, and in any colour!

Our specialist installation team will work with you to professionally install your walls with the minimum disruption to your day-to-day business. If outside office hours suit better, our trusted team will happily accommodate your requirements. When installed by our team, our products have a 10-year performance guarantee and are eco-friendly.