Antimicrobial and Bacteria-Free Customisable Writable Walls and Writable Tabletops

Transform Your Workspace

Innovative writable, magnetic, projectable walls solutions that enhance creativity, collaboration and team work

You can transform surfaces into a bespoke whiteboard by using our amazing Smart Whiteboard writable magnetic paints thus increasing creativity and productivity with your team.

Smart Writable Walls

Declutter and modernise your office space for improved productivity and collaboration

Transform and Improve Surfaces

You can transform surfaces into a whiteboard by using our Smart Whiteboard Ccovering thus increasing creativity and productivity with your team.

Custom-Made for Your Business

The coverings can incorporate your company colours, branding, strap lines and motifs as required and it all can be done through our online configurator.

Professional Installation Team

The process is quick and can be used soon after installation. If installed by our team, our products come with a 10 year guarantee.

Customisable Magnetic Boards

Incorporate branding and anything needed to create a mobile collaborative surface

Custom Metallic Frames

Modern, high-quality, and durable Metalic Frames available in two colors that goes well with any office decoration: Black and Grey.

Bring Nature Indoors

You can customize the bottom of your Magnectic Boards with different natural motives, including Natural, Grey and Black Wood slots.

Mobile, Collaborative and Practical

You can move your Magnectic Board to any office and to any meeting, making the work and learning experience collaborative to all your team.

Helping Brands to Grow

We improved the workspaces of companies all over the UK & NI with our innovative, unique solutions

Interactive Writable Tabletops

Created for the educational sector, and designed to assist creativity and collaboration in the classroom

Custom-Made for Schools

The bespoke design, which incorporates school logo’s and branding, is made specific to the instituition and the user age group.

Designed to Complement

Our new product links in with the current national curriculum and is an excellent accompaniment to early years learning.

Interactive and Adaptable

It allows your pupils to advance learning outcomes by writing directly onto the desk and can be adapted to function in any other learning environment.

Extraordinary Wall Murals

Choose from a range of popular designs and turn your Office or Home into a truly Interior Masterpiece

Unique Wall Coverings

Explore our fun and inspiring collections which offer a wide range of patterns and designs, including Abstract Designs, Grafitti and Natural Landscapes.

High Quality Paper

All our wallpapers are printed on a non-woven paper of the highest quality. The paper is reinforced with nylon fibers making the wallpaper stable.

All Natural and Non-Toxic

We print with all natural non-toxic color compounds that produce no VOC and our paste is made from modified potato starch that is also non-toxic.

Creative Solutions for Everyone

Our maket-leading brands help boost creativity and encourage collaboration, aiding and transforming workplaces and classrooms

Aiding Schools on Safe Education

Our highly effective antibacterial technology supports socially distant collaboration and is registered for use by the EU Biocidal Products Directive

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With our configuration tool you can create custom Writable Surfaces with your Logo and Colours

Design your own Writable Wall or Tabletop with the help of our easy-to-use configuration tool. Walls can be further decorated with a Tagline and an exclusive Landscape.

With our configuration tool you can create custom Writable Surfaces with your Logo and Colours

Accessories and Maintenance

Maximize the usage of your Writable Walls with our Exclusive Accessories and keep all the surfaces in shape with our Maintenance Kits

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